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Bowler releasing a bowling ballWelcome to my bowling tips website. I’ve been an active bowler for over 20 years and decided to put together a website to help fellow bowlers improve their game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or expert bowler, my tips, articles, and how-to guides will be successful in helping you improve your game. Since I’m not the end all authority on bowling I always recommend others to submit their own bowling tips and techniques. If you’re ready to improve your bowling technique and increase your average bowling scores you can get started below. At the bottom of this web page you’ll find links to some excellent bowling articles and how-to guides.

  • You Need the Right Bowling Ball – If you’re a bowler and you don’t your own bowling ball you’re probably using what’s called a house ball. House balls are bowling balls that are owned by the bowling alley and are available for you to use while you’re bowling. The problem with house balls is they are usually beat to hell and won’t have the proper finger hole length and size. If you ever plan on becoming a good bowler you’ll need your own ball with custom sized finger holes.
  • You Need a Good Pair of Bowling Shoes – It’s just as important to have a good pair of bowling shoes as it is to have the right bowling ball. You’ll want to avoid renting shoes from the bowling alley as they’ll likely be worn, not fit properly and have sweat from countless other bowlers. The right pair of bowling shoes can make the difference between a mediocre game and an excellent one.
  • Learn and Practice Proper Bowling Etiquette – It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice bowler or a PBA champion, you’ll need to learn common bowling etiquette. Proper bowling etiquette will make it easier for you to get along with other bowlers. The same bowlers who can also give you tips and suggestions that can help improve your bowling technique. You might want to read my article on bowling etiquette to learn more.
  • Learn Common Bowling Terminology – When bowling you’ll hear terms fly around like turkey, barmaid and blowout. These are terms used by bowlers to identify specific events or situations that can occur when bowling. You can head over to my article on bowling terminology to learn how to talk like a pro bowler.
  • Practice, Practice, and More Practice – It doesn’t matter how many books you read or videos you watch on how to bowl, without adequate practice you’ll never become a high caliber bowler. You’ll need to spend time on the lanes to hone your bowling technique and improve your skills. Consider joining a bowling league to get regular practice. Don’t worry; most bowling alleys have leagues made just for beginner bowlers.
  • You Must Always Follow Through – When you first start out bowling you’ll hear this phrase over and over again. In fact, many long time bowlers’ regress and fail to completely follow through when release the ball. It’s vital to keep your arm moving forward even after you’ve released the ball. You can watch some of my bowling videos to get a better idea of proper follow through.
  • It’s Not All about Speed – Many beginner bowlers try to throw the ball as hard as they can, thinking it’s the speed of the ball that knocks down pins. While speed does play a role in knocking the pins down, it basically comes down to physics. As it goes, for every action there is a reaction and this is accurate, even in bowling. Speed, accuracy, and the angle of how you hit the pins determines how (“or if”) they fall. A new bowler should work on accuracy and learn how specific angles can be used to knock down pins and pick up spares.
  • Don’t Let Emotions Drive Your Game – One of the worst things you can do is let your emotions takeover. Bowling requires concentration and if you let anger takeover you’ll never reach the level of concentration you need. Plus, no one likes to bowl with someone who gets upset when they have a bad frame or fails to pick up a spare. At the end of day bowling is just a game and we all have bad days.

Blue Bowling BallThis is just a sample of the helpful bowling information on my site. You can use the navigational panel on the left to dive deeper and get more tips on bowling. In addition, you can continue below and view my bowling how-to articles. I hope my bowling website has been useful to you and helps improve your game. I want to get you on the right path to your first perfect bowling score of 300!

More Bowling Tips and How-To Guides

Below are my bowling how-to guides to help all levels of bowlers improve their game. It’s important to remember that these are broad how-to guides and that your bowling technique might need to be slightly different to achieve the best results. Take all of my how-to articles with a grain of salt and remember the best way to improve your bowling technique is to simply practice and then practice some more!