Bowling Score Calculator

Online Bowling Score CalculatorWelcome to my online bowling score calculator. You or anyone you know can use this calculator to keep score of a bowling game without actually having to know how to do it! Not only will you be able to keep score, but you can also track which pins where knocked down, which pins were left standing after your 1st ball and which pins were left standing after your second ball. It also tracks your maximum possible high score based on your current frames if you're ready just head on below. The instructions on how to use the online bowling score keeper is below the actual flash application.

How to Use my Online Bowling Score Calculator

As you can see above there are bowling games for 3 players or a 1 player 3 game series. To enter in the name of each player simple click on the field that says "Player Name or Game Number" and type-in the bowler's name.

Keeping score is pretty simple; there are 10 frames per game, which 2 throws per frame. You'll see there are 2 input fields for each frame.

When the bowler throws his first ball you enter in the amount of pins they knocked down into the 1st input field of the frame; which can be 0-9. If the bowler knocks down all of his pins on the first throw you would then enter in an X to represent a strike.

If the bowler didn't get a strike on his 1st throw you would enter in 0-9 in the second input field the amount of pins they knocked down on their second throw. If they knock down all the pins on their second throw you would enter in a / to represent a strike.

The pin tracker located at the bottom of each frame is optional and very simple to use. Each frame is marked as if all the pins where knocked down. You simply to click on the pins that where knocked down on the first throw and what pins where left standing after the second throw. There is a table underneath all of the frames showing you what each image means.

If you want to clear out the entire frame you can simply click on the "Clear Values" button.