Bowling Technique

Are you looking to improve your bowling technique? It doesn't matter if you're a long time bowler or if you're a beginner starting out, the information on this web page should help you improve your game. We're going to go over bowling techniques that have been tested and proven to be successful at improving a bowler's game. At the end of the day the best way to improve your bowling technique is to practice, practice, practice and follow that up with more practice. Without proper practice you'll find it hard, if not impossible, to see a major improvement in your high bowling scores and your average bowling score.

Bowling TechniqueYour approach and bowling swing are the two most important skills that you need to work on to improve your overall bowling skill and raise your bowling average. If you're able to get a solid approach and a respectable bowling swing you'll become the type of bowler that everyone envies! While you might not become a champion in PBA tournaments you'll definitely be able to hold your own at your local bowling alley league.

The anatomy of a perfect strike starts with your stance. The way you hold your ball and how you hold it will determine the success or failure of your swing. During the approach the average bowler is going to want to hold the bowling ball even with their waist. Bowlers that tend to be shorter can get a little extra power behind their swing if they hold it higher than their waist. Practicing your stance is a key piece of improving your bowling technique.

Bowling Technique - The ReleaseOnce you've learned the proper stance you can start to work on your bowling swing. The bowling swing has 4 key factors that you need to master: timing, release, rotation and your finish. Your timing is vital if you plan, on average, 200+ bowling games. Unless your timing is correct it's going to throw off the entire swing. To get that perfect shot and hit the pocket you need proper timing, especially since it's directly related to your throw release. To achieve the best throw you want to try and release your bowling ball when your arm is at the lower part of your swing. This will help ensure you achieve a precise and accurate throw.

At the release of your ball the rotation factor comes into action. The way you bowl a hook is as easy as slightly rotating your fingers as you're about to release your ball. By rotating your figures before you release your ball you're essentially creating a hook shot, which is better than a straight shot and will get you much better pin action.

Proper Bowling TechniqueA proper bowling technique doesn't end at the release, it's very important that you continue to follow through after you release the ball. At the end of your throw your bowling hand should be pointing up in the air, normally aiming where the bowling ball will end up. The goal is to build a bowling technique that will allow you to throw your ball the same way every time with accuracy and precision.

If you plan to become a good bowler you'll need to work on your bowling technique. Always remember that the 4 key factors (timing, release, rotation and the finish) as you start your approach. You can watch some of my bowling tips videos to get more information on improving your bowling technique.

Perfect Bowling Technique in 9 Easy Steps

  1. Grab your bowling ball from the ball return.
  2. Get in the zone mentally and concentrate on just this one shot.
  3. Get in the zone physically and get your stance as accurate as possible.
  4. Line up your target(s) down the lane.
  5. Push the ball out and away from your body.
  6. Swing the ball backwards with a natural, even flow, don't force it back.
  7. Let the ball swing forward with its built up momentum as you approach your target.
  8. Release the ball down the lane; allow your arm to completely follow through.
  9. Review your bowling technique and tweak as necessary.