How to Bowl a HookBowling is an extensively popular sport that is popularly used as a recreational activity. Bowling alleys built around the cities have always been attracting a lot of visitors. Building these has been a profitable business. Also, spending the evenings with friends at a bowling alley is a fun experience. The term 'bowling generally refers to 10 pin bowling where a ball is used to target strategically arranged pins.

Bowling facts have always been popular and loved even among great personalities. The US presidential residence, The White House, has bowling lanes installed into it. Now it has been moved to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Some Interesting History Facts About Bowling

The sport, although highly popular today, has got a long history. It dates back up to ancient Egyptian culture. There are drawings on the walls of an Egyptian royal tomb that was dated to 5200 BC. Remnants of bowling balls are also found. Here are some bowling history facts listed below.

A sport as old as, the written word?

oldschool bowlingHow old is bowling? When did bowling start? The answers will make every bowling enthusiast proud as the sport has got a very long history. As mentioned above, the mentions of the sport can be found as early as 5200 BC in the ancient Egyptian ruins. The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame claims that a British anthropologist discovered this evidence in 1930. This evidence includes remnants of the bowling balls. These balls were made of husks of grain. These husks were covered in some material like leather and then bound together by a string. Along with these, balls made of porcelain have also been found. The time that these remnants belong to is the same from which the first written words have been found. Isn't that amazing?

First comes wood, then comes the rubber.

wooden bowling ballAs you know now, the sport has got a long history. The ball used for bowling also has got a pretty long history. As said above, the remnants of the bowling balls found in the Egyptian ruins were of porcelain or husks of grain. In the early 1900s, wood was used to make bowling balls. Can you imagine playing with a wooden bowling ball? However weird it might sound; this is a fact. Later, a massive kind of rubber was used to make these balls. Around 1960, the manufacturers started using polyester resin to make these balls. Due to this, they were able to give bright colours to the balls. The manufacturers currently use three types of plastic to build the balls. According to increasing price, polyester, urethane, and reactivate urethane resin are these materials.

No girls allowed

Now, this is a bowling trivia that women might not like! No ladies were formally allowed bowling until 1917. The reason for this? American Bowling Congress was a gentleman's club. It means that no women were allowed in the club! In 1917, the women rebelled and formed their own governing body for bowling. This body was called the Women's National Bowling Association. Women in bowling have never looked back since then.

In 2010, Kelly Kulick proudly became the first woman to win a title on the Professional Bowlers Association tour. It was a considerable achievement. The youngest person to bowl a perfect game in the United States, Hannah Diem, is a wonder in herself. She was just nine years old when she achieved the feat. Undoubtedly, girls and women have come a long way in the field of bowling.

They keep getting bigger.

The world's first bowling alley that was constructed the Knickerbocker Alleys indoors in New York City. It was opened in 1840. Since then, the size of the bowling alleys had only been getting bigger and bigger. The Inazawa Grand Bowling Centre is the largest bowling alley in the world. It is located in Japan. In 2009, it was confirmed by the Guinness World Records that the Inazawa Grand Bowling Centre is the biggest in the world. It has got 116 consecutive Brunswick Bowling wood lanes on a single floor. In early 2010, these lanes were replaced and upgraded with synthetic panes called Brunswick Pro Lanes. The alley spans 91,494 square feet across the lanes with no supporting pillars. The largest bowling alley in the United States is an alley called Thunderbowl in Michigan.

Ninepins? Not in these parts

Nine-pin bowling is currently banned in every state of the United States except for Texas. In Texas, a wooden ball was used for bowling. It wasn't easy to handle and use this ball efficiently. Due to this reason, nine-pin and ten-pin bowling has been regularly practised and allowed in Texas since the 1830s. It is currently the only state in the USA where nine-pin bowling is allowed by law.

Nine-pin bowling is also known as kegel. This type of bowling game is primarily played in Europe. The European championship for the sport is held every year. There are around 130,000 players in Europe who play this game every year. The speciality of the nine-pin bowling game is that the ball has no finger holes. For amateurs, there are balls designed with two finger-holes.

It’s 48, not 300

Surprisingly, when you bowl an optimal strike, the bowl only hits four pins. All the other pins will connect and fall by these pins to which the balls will hit.

If you are a right-hander and bowl an optimal strike, the ball will virtually connect with the 1, 3, 5, and 9 (or 8)pins. If you are a left-hander and bowl an optimal strike, the ball will virtually connect with the 1, 2, 5, and 8 (or 9)pins. So, if you think about it theoretically, it will occur to you that if you hit a 300, you will hit only 48 pins.

How far apart are bowling pins placed? The distance between them is about 12 inches. If you manage to throw the ball and hit the pocket at sex degrees, you will essentially get an optimal strike.


These were some weird, amazing facts about bowling. Weren't they fascinating? How big is the world's most massive bowling ball? Where was bowling invented? Who invented bowling? Now that you are familiar with the history of bowling, you too can find the answers to these exciting questions and know more about bowling!