How to Bowl a Hook

How to Bowl a HookBowlers who can throw a hook (or "curve") tend to do much better than those bowlers who throw a straight ball. This is because bowling balls that are hooked tend to get noticeably better pin action, resulting in a higher chance for a strike. I put together this how-to guide to help bowlers like you learn how to hook a bowling ball. While I'll walk you through the process of how to bowl a hook you'll simply need to practice it over and over again until you get the hang of bowling a hook.

How to Hook a Bowling Ball

When learning how to bowl a hook you need the right type of bowling ball. Just like an artist needs specific types of brushes to paint a perfect picture, bowlers need to have the right equipment to properly throw a hook. Not all bowling balls are built the same, some are designed for straight bowling while others are built to hook. When searching for the right bowling ball do some research online and see which balls are recommended by other bowlers that are especially designed for hooking.

How to Hook a Bowling BallThe more hook (or "curve") your bowling ball has will increase the chance of success. However, it takes a lot of practice before you can consistently throw a high hooked bowling ball accurately every single frame. It's essential that your practice your hook shoot as often as possible. This will make sure you're able to hit the pocket more consistently as your bowling skills increase. I guarantee that with proper practice you'll easily see your strike percentage increase.

The main aspect of a hooked bowling ball will mostly involve your fingers, not your wrist. If you use your wrist to much in your ball release you can do some serious damage and actual have a negative impact on your game. When you release your ball you should have a natural spin via your fingers as you release. Don't overdo it, you need to keep control of the ball. After the release your hand should end up in the air like you're going to shake someone's hand. It's important to completely follow through on your throw as the entire fluid motion from approach to release all must be timed perfectly.

There is a great video on how to throw a hook when bowling in my bowling video archive. Before you head out to the lanes to practice your bowling hook you really should watch this video. I hope this how-to guide is useful at improving your bowling game and your average bowling score.