How to get better at bowling? Well, practice, persistence, and proper technique is the only answer. While practice and persistence are dependent on you, here we are presenting you with the technique for easy bowling and successful games.

Method 1 - Perfection of shot

  • How to win at bowling? How to hit the best shot? Well, first of all, start with choosing a decent bowling ball. A decent bowling ball is the one that feels comfortable in your hands, which is extremely easy to raise and lower, which is light in weight, but at the same time, not so light that you will lose balance because of it. The ball's weight should be according to and in relevance and proportion with the player using the ball. Choose a ball such that it is comfortable for your fingers. Make sure they hold the ball firmly. However, although the grip might be tight, make sure the fingers don't stick while pulling out. It would be best if you did not have to squeeze your fingers and thumbs to keep the ball in your hand. A light grip should be sufficient. While deciding your bowling strategy, your type of throw (straight or hooked), Flare potential ratings, and RG Radius ratings of the ball should be considered.

  • How to be good at bowling? Among the first steps comes being comfortable in your attire. And shoes play a huge role in playing a good game. Just like your regular sports, bowling too needs to have a good pair of shoes. Just like your regular shoes, these shoes need to be taken care of. Good shoes fit comfortably and have a smooth regular sole. Buy a shoe half size bigger than your regular size to provide more comfort and space to your feet.

  • Maintain the right stance. Balance the ball around your palms. With knees bent and shoulders relaxed, the left foot should be on the big dot on the lane's centre.

  • The bowling lane is marked with seven arrows. If you are right-handed, go for the arrow just right to the centre. Going middle will lead to a split.

  • Well-time your approach. Make it such that your opposite foot lands in front of the lane.

  • Make it a point to push your arm forward and extend your arm to push the ball out in front of you.

  • Then, drop your arm down and bring it behind your body so that the ball will arc back towards your leg.

  • Take the arm further behind. Take it up to the level of the shoulder, along with the ball arcing with it.

  • While releasing the ball, flick your fingers and wrist up towards your head.

  • Maintain a good follow-through.

Method 2 - Hitting more strikes

  • Knowing exactly where you want the ball to hit is one of the crucial tips for bowling. When the ball hits the 'pocket,' it will most likely be a strike. The pocket is the space between the front centre pin and the next pin behind it, directly. To achieve this, it is recommended for the right-handed bowlers to curve up the ball to strike right between the front pin and the second pin on the right. All the front pins will be scattered, and they will, in turn, scatter the pins behind them.

  • Always gauge the conditions of the lane and anticipate how they will affect your throw. One of the bowling tricks is knowing that each lane is a bit different from the other. All the lanes are oiled so that it acts as a lubricant and the ball glides smoothly over the wood. However, there are certain 'dry areas' on the lane. In these areas, the ball will tend to hook more. Also, note that the patterns of these lanes will change throughout the game. So, it is advisable to change your shot as the game progresses.

  • While warming up, assess the lane, and find your strike mark. Throwing to the arrow just to the right of the centre is a good idea for beginners. However, adjusting the strike mark for your throw is essential. Also, watch and concentrate on your strike mark, and hit instead of watching the pins. Consider moving your starting position if you are hitting your mark and still not making it to the pocket. If the ball keeps hooking with a vast margin, move your mark to either the left or the rigHt. Before doing this, move your starting position.

  • As the game progresses and the lane dries up, move your starting stance closer to the centre. When there is a big group, your regular shots will hook more towards the centre towards the game's end. To overcome this problem, for the right-handed bowlers, try moving one or two blocks towards the left. Keep your throwing mark constant and continue throwing at it. Also, focus on hitting the centre of the ball on this mark, and not the pins. It will help in getting a strike. If you are still missing the pins, consider moving your starting position and accommodate accordingly.

Method 3 - Picking up loose pins and spares

  • Plan your shots well according to the system of scoring. Understanding the scoring system will help you decide which pins to hit and when to hit them. There are ten pins. You will get one point for each pin that you will hit. Note that spares and strikes are worth more than ten pins. Strikes will give you ten points along with whatever you will hit for the next two throws. Spares will give you ten points along with whatever you will hit for the next throw.

  • Using speed to pick up spares is one of the best bowling techniques. Speed will always make it easier for you to pick up spares. When you throw the ball at a higher speed, it will get less time to react and turn off the line. Always practice a consistent spare shot to beat the people who throw the same shot every time.

  • To reduce the spin and throw a straight throw, lower your wrist on the shot. It can also be interpreted as weakening your wrist on the shot. While this might need some time and practice, it is a good bowling technique to get more points and worth every minute you will spend on its practice.

  • Always decide your starting position according to your spare. You can manage to throw at your ordinary mark and get a spare by adjusting your starting position correctly. A measurement system is provided to you by the boards on the lane. This system is easy to learn and will reap you good benefits if you use it wisely. Moving your starting position three boards to the right will help you get the perfect bowling form to hit the first pin to the centre's left. Moving six boards to the right will help you hit the second pin on the left of the centre.

  • When you want to hit the far right and left pins, always prefer using the middle of the lane. Decide this according to the oiling pattern of the lane. More oil will ensure less hook and a straight and accurate shot.

  • During a split, aim for the highest number of pins possible. Always prefer the sure-fire three pins instead of lone ones. It is especially important if you have thrown a strike in the previous frame. Because whatever you will hit now will get counted twice.


The practice of the correct techniques is critical to becoming a good bowler. The above methods and steps will surely help you to get a good bowling form.